Lift Chairs


Elevate your Relaxation with a Lift Chair

For those with mobility limitations or balance issues, moving from a seated to a standing position can be challenging, and rising out of our favorite, plush easy chairs is especially difficult. This is where a lift chair can help.

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair, also known as a power lift recliner, is a reclining chair designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges to safely sit, stand, or recline in a chair. These chairs feature an electric lifting mechanism that tilts the chair upward, which helps a person transition from a seated to a standing position. 

Compass Mobility is proud to offer Pride MobilityⓇ products, an industry leader in lift chairs.

Lift Chair Options

Lift chairs come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics to match your home decor as well as various sizes, generally small, medium, and large,  to accommodate different body types. Reclining positions vary among models, with some lift chairs even featuring a zero gravity experience. Lift mechanisms can be as simple as a two-position sitting and standing option to an infinite position lift chair, which offers various recline angels for enhanced comfort. Some lift chairs come with heat and massage features, making the chair not just a lift chair, but your new favorite easy chair. 

Lift chair raised

Lift Chair Features

  • Electric lift mechanism
  • Reclining positions
  • Remote control
  • Color and fabric options
  • Additional features such as heating and massage, cup holders, storage pockets, and USB ports

Lift Chair Benefits

  • Enhanced mobility: A lift assists users in standing up and sitting down independently, reducing the need for external assistance.
  • Reduced strain: The lift mechanism helps users avoid putting excessive strain on their joints, particularly the knees and hips.
  • Improved comfort: Lift chairs offer various reclining positions to provide the ultimate in a comfortable experience
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