Mobility Batteries


Mobility Batteries Keep Your Mobility Equipment Moving

Assistive aids like scooters, stairlifts, and more are designed to permit greater independence for those with mobility challenges. Powering these devices are batteries, and if your device is no longer functioning at peak performance, it may be time for a battery change.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Battery?

There are some signs that may indicate your mobility device, including mobility scooter, power wheelchair, stairlift, or vertical platform lift, needs a new battery. These signs could include the following:

  • Lifespan: Your battery has reached the manufacturer’s lifespan. 
  • Reduced range: Your device no longer has the travel range it used to, even on a full charge.
  • Slower speed: Weak batteries may result in a decrease in the mobility device’s top speed. This may be especially noticeable when trying to go up an incline. 
  • Frequent recharging: If you find yourself having to charge your battery more frequently than you used to, it may be time for a change.
  • Visible damage: Inspect the batteries. Any signs of leakage, swelling, or other damage warrants a replacement.
  • Error codes or alarms: Some mobility devices have diagnostic systems that will display error codes or trigger alarms. If you consistently receive error codes related to batteries or charging, that’s a strong sign you’re due for a new battery.

What do I Do if I Think I Need a New Battery?

Give us a call. As specialists in mobility devices, we can diagnose the condition of the batteries and recommend the appropriate replacement, if needed.

What Mobility Batteries are Available?

Compass Mobility has batteries available for most mobility equipment brands on the market, not just the brands we sell.

How Do I Take Care of My Battery?

Regular maintenance and following the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery care and charging can help to maximize the lifespan of your mobility device’s batteries.

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